Fidanlar Makina | Afyon Tarım Makina



Our services
As Saplings Agricultural Machinery, we are serving in Afyonkarahisar for agricultural machinery, heavy steel and metal working.

In the design and manufacture of agricultural machinery,
Rakes, plows, cultivators, manure spreaders, sowing machines, rollers, hoe machines, feed mixers, feed crushers, tractor buckets, leveling, sowing, disc harrows, water tankers We design and manufacture them expertly.

In the case of heavy steel and welding,
We are serving in many areas such as heavy steel manufacturing, steel construction manufacturing, treatment plant and pipelines, factory assemblies. We are at your service with professional solutions tailored to your order and your needs. If you are looking to buy quality craftsmanship at affordable prices, we are the right choice.

Agricultural Machinery
We, as Saplings Agricultural Machinery, continue to manufacture iron steel and machinery, which is our father's profession, with a great skill, in accordance with today's technology, today's needs. We have adopted the production of iron and steel and machinery from our childhood to this day. Our love for our profession led us to produce the machines of our farmers day and night without ignoring the long hours of working with the most skillful work.
After local Founded in Afyonkarahisar our company before all to Turkey and demand for agricultural machinery our yapmaktayız.çiftçi the sale of our machines abroad that we have fulfilled precise workmanship at affordable prices and our producers continue to bring the necessary equipment by listening to the needs of tradesmen and our all our customers, tehçizat and determination of business and we perform.

Our mission
As today's conditions, the most durable machines in the field of agricultural machines, the most affordable prices, the most skillful work is to produce with the most skilled work.

Our vision
We are one of the important companies of our country as Fidanlar Tarım Makinaları. We continue to produce our machines with expert workmanship and high quality materials. With this awareness and with this vision, we will continue to be the reliable partner of our valued farmers.